Bloggonnit! It’s Time to Start Writing!

I Will BlogToday is my first day as a blogger. I guess I’ve got things to say or reflect upon with you or I wouldn’t have started this. I’m looking forward to my blogging journey and I hope that you will, as well.

I should probably start off with letting you know some things about me. As of the posting of this blog, I’m still 48 years old. Somehow that’s important. STILL 48. I must not be liking the idea of 49 too much, though I’ll survive it, I’m sure.

I’m a writer–a novelist. I’ve got one book published–Freedom Fight–with two others completed and waiting in the wings. All three of them are novels that deal with the “Otherealm.” We’ll get into that later, I suppose.

My journey through life has been sprinkled with all kinds of different professional and amateur experiences. Everything from working in sales, to acting and directing for the stage, acting and booming sound for the screen, writing for both stage and screen, and ultimately writing books. Apparently, I’m creative. At least I think I am.

With this blog I’m not going to be journaling, per se. Well, some of it will be journaling, I’m sure. I do a lot of reflecting and sometimes I think it’s interesting enough for others to read. Sometimes … maybe most times … I’ll be talking about issues or topics that are important to me. Things like Spiritual Warfare, Politics (I’ll try to keep this to a minimum, though I won’t promise that), Social Matters, things in the News, Writing, and most certainly things that YOU think are important (I’ve got to keep my readers, after all).

Post your thoughts on what I write. I want to know them. Feel free, also, to use my contact information to … well … contact me. I guess I’m saying, “Stay in touch. Interact with me.”

I’m looking forward to it!

Marching Through the Otherealm,


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