Where We All Live, but Refuse to See

you_are_here_by_ibon16-d5c9ypsWe are so smart, we humans.

We’ve got everything figured out. With our philosophers, our scientists, our motivational speakers, self-help authors, politicians, and our next door neighbors, we’ve got all the information we need to know what’s going on around us and how to live our lives. It’s amazing how far we’ve come since flushing the idea that we need God in our lives.

We’ve created a world of rationality. We are pragmatic, without need for all that spiritual “shtuff.” We live in a world in which everything either has been, or will be, figured out to our complete satisfaction.

  • Start of the Universe = Big Bang
  • Start of life = Chemical/Biological Evolution
  • Need for a God = Well, we probably shouldn’t go there.
  • State of our existence: Physical

Yep. Everything is all figured out. Never mind that we are a people who are failing miserably in how to conduct our lives with respect and love for one another. Never mind that nations are continuously rising up against each other. Never mind that Christians and Jews are unending, world-wide targets of hostility and hatred. Never mind that we can never actually agree on all of the things that we’ve got “figured out.”

Yep. We’ve evolved, though. We know how to kill babies and fight for the lives of murderers on death row. We know how to take from people who produce the wealth, jobs, prosperity, and opportunities and transfer the rewards of their efforts to people who intentionally do nothing to better their lives. After all, those who refuse to work have to have cell phones, tattoos, and government-provided housing.

Yep. We’ve finally come to a place and time in which tiny pockets of us can scream at the top of our lungs to be heard about our causes and, better yet, accuse those who disagree of being haters, homophobes, dismissers of climate change, racists, etc. without need for proof! And we’ll be praised for being brave enough to stand! We can belittle anyone who holds a different view, regardless of how much proof they may have that their stances are the right ones. Irrespective of their well-founded their arguments, we will put our opposition in its place, by making those people feel guilty about their beliefs and life choices

Life on Earth. Doesn’t it just make you giddy with enthusiasm? Don’t you just enjoy everything you see, hear, and experience? So much hope for the future!


What about those things that we are refusing to see? What about the things we are dismissing because we are so “rational” about the physical world around us?

What about the Otherealm?

Once upon a time, everything was perfect. Better stated, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. … and God saw that they were good.” Then those that God created decided they knew better how to rule themselves, and everything has been a downhill slide ever since. Well, two downhill slides. We did get a chance to let God fix things after the Noahadic Flood, but we blew that, too. No surprise there.

Why is it that we keep failing so miserably as human beings? I mean, if we’re “evolving,” shouldn’t things be getting progressively better? It almost seems like something is literally preventing us from making better decisions and living them out.

Something or some-things.

Okay, here’s the deal, in as few a number of words as I can manage: We are not alone. X-Files, baby! (I’m just kidding! Relax.) X-Files silliness aside, we humans are not alone.

What if humanity isn’t fully to blame for all of its downfalls? What if we are not seeing the whole reality of our existence here? What if we could better understand our existence and better understand everything that we see going on around us? What if things made sense? What if we really figured things out?

We can, at least to a much better degree than many of us do now. And here’s the first step: We need to realize that we live in a world within another world. There are two realms, not just one: the physical and the spiritual. The two of them together make up what I’ve coined as the Otherealm.

Those of you who have read my novels, already have a clue about what the Otherealm is. It is that place where Heaven, Hell, and Man battle for the soul. It’s a place of conflict. It’s where you live. It is where we all live, but oftentimes refuse to see. And why do we refuse? Because it makes us uncomfortable; the whole idea of it. After all, if there is truly a spirit realm, then there are things that live in that realm that we are not able to see. Uncomfortable things. Things called angels and demons, and God forbid … God.

Forewarning: I’m about to make a statement that will make most people discomforted. Turn back now if you don’t want the truth.

Well, you had your chance…

The reason that life is not perfect is that we have an Enemy. This foe sees to it that humankind experiences misery in all of its forms.

Before digging deeper into this, first thing’s first. You see, there IS a God. And that God is love. He doesn’t just have love. He is love. This God of love, that so many in the world hate, created another type of beings. A lot of these beings, and these beings were created before God created Man.

These beings were (and most still are) beautiful and powerful. They were given a purpose and an existence that was magnificent and purpose-filled.

But there was this one being…

This one being was stronger and more beautiful than the rest. He was created to be special and to be acknowledged for his position of responsibility and loyalty to his Creator. He was called “Morning Star” and “Light-Bearer,” English translations of the name Lucifer. He sounds magnificent, doesn’t he?

And now you know of whom I speak.

This amazing angel—greatest of the cherubim—took it upon himself to “acquire” a more important role. He wanted to be like God. More precisely, he wanted to position himself on God’s throne and relegate the Creator to position #2. Completely stupid. A finite being attempting to usurp the authority and position of an infinite being. Utterly stupid.

Well, as you might imagine, that didn’t go over very well, even though Lucifer, prior to his attempt, had succeeded in convincing a third of the other angelic beings to side with him. It didn’t take much effort, I’m sure, for God to cast these evil-hearted creatures from Heaven to this newly-formed planet we call Earth.

On Earth, these beings laid in wait. For what? An opportunity to get back at God. Lucifer—now called Satan (which means adversary)—saw his chance come when God created another special being, Man. Specifically, Adam (and yes, he did exist. He’s not a “Bible story”). Then from Adam, Eve.

The long and the short of it is this: Man and woman were perfect. They knew perfect love for and with God, and they knew perfect love for each other. They lived on an unspoiled Earth with tame animals and nothing deadly. Satan tricked Adam and Eve into wanting a more important role for themselves. Sound familiar? Adam and Eve grabbed at the chance. They—and, ultimately, we—sinned, a result of our greed and our unfounded belief that God was/is holding out on us.

We regretted it; back then and today. We still live with the impact of that first act of rebellion. We live in a fallen world, and there is nothing that any of us can do to reverse this fact.

We are not capable of making this world a better place. It is not in us to get that done, because we cannot conquer the sinful nature that all of us have adopted through our rebellion. Even when we diligently try, we always end up with limited, end results.


Because there is always opposition. The same fallen, angelic beings (renamed demons) that existed in the beginning, exist today. These beings hate mankind. They loathe you and me. In them, there is no mercy toward us, because mankind was created in the image of their enemy, God.

Enter the Otherealm. This is that place where the physical and the spiritual worlds intersect. This is that place where all of us live. And this is where the war is fought.

Are you aware that there is a war that is fought daily on your behalf? There is a God of love who desperately wants to rescue you, and there is an Enemy that desperately wants to destroy you. Both are sides are succeeding and losing in this war.

God is daily winning the hearts of many people, saving them from their hell-condemning sins. But, due to our sin-nature, God is also losing many to the Enemy—to a place of judgment called hell. The sad thing about one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind—free will—is that it allows us to look away from what God did, through Jesus, to rescue us.

Satan, too, is daily winning the minds of people, deceiving them into believing things like… “I’m okay.” “There is no God.” “My god is better than that Christian God.” “My private spirituality is all that I need.” “I believe that I’m going to come back again to make up for the mistakes of past lives.” “I am my own god.” “I’m going to become a god like the God of the Bible.” “Evolution answers everything.” “Science answers everything.” “There is no Hell.”

People like to think that there are lots of good beliefs or “paths” that lead to peace and to their own versions of Heaven. But, in reality, there are only two types of beliefs:

  1. Believing in the God who makes Himself known through the pages of the Bible.
  2. Every other belief that has been developed by a cunning Enemy.

Many Christians (people who truly accept Jesus as their Savior, Lord, and primary relationship) are trying desperately to win as many people to Christ as possible, letting people know that we are all in trouble and that none of us is worthy of Heaven. God is giving them the courage to make this known to non-believers, not to annoy, but to love them.

In the Otherealm there is conflict—hellish warfare—that is taking place all the time. The war is being fought over all of us; believers and non-believers, alike.

The Enemy is fighting to keep people blind to the Truth, convincing them that they don’t need God. God’s warriors (angelic beings) are fighting to keep the doorway to Truth open, aiding Christians in their mission to share the redeeming-love of Jesus with others. The Enemy is also fighting to keep Christians ineffective, to disable them, to distract them from their mission.

This is the Otherealm in all of its ugly, hostile reality. This is where we live.

If you are a Christian, and haven’t been clued in on this information yet, let this be a wake up call to start fighting our Enemy. If you are a Christian who already knows this, keep fighting! Keep pressing forward. Keep praying. You have a great contingent of angelic warriors who have your back. While you are not in control of them, they are, by the Lord’s command, fighting with you.

If you are a non-Christian, you’ve got some evaluating to do. It would be smart to look into this. Don not judge Christianity—and Jesus Himself—through the prism of the many dumb things that we Christians have done. Your relationship with God is not based on what other people do. Your relationship with God is based on what God has done for you—because of His love for you—and the extreme price that He paid for you, through the death of His Son—so that you can know everlasting life, peace, and joy on a renewed, perfect Earth that we will one day call “Heaven” (Book of Revelation, Chapter 21 & 22). And though we’ve got that to look forward to, God’s presence and that peace and joy begin here, in this present life.

For your own sake, for your own safety, I’m asking you to allow yourself to see the reality of where we all live.

Allow yourself to see realities of the Otherealm. This place where Heaven, Hell, and Man battle for the soul.

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