Fifty Shades of Darkness

50 Shades of DarknessYesterday, I took the opportunity to watch the new ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie trailer. Women all over America—many of them Christians—have read the books and are frothing at the mouth to see the movie that’s coming out, not coincidentally, on Valentine’s Day 2015. Allow me to let you know, as a man, what I thought during and after watching the trailer.

A young, pretty, naive woman goes in for a job interview. A handsome, slightly older-than-she man is (at first) stoic and intimidating. He knows how to use that to his advantage to seduce her. She falls for it. They sleep together. She imagines love in the future. He lets her know he just wants her for the pleasure and will return the favor. He slowly progresses her sexually — manipulating her — until he senses that, while he may shock her, he finally has her where he wants her. He’ll show her his extreme sexual appetites. He does. She’s shocked. She says, “Why not?” They explore extreme sex. Maybe they “fall in love.” I don’t know. Not the point.

This movie is PORN; every bit as much porn as what men might look at online. The depravity in this movie is extreme. It may not show the genitalia, but that need not matter. For women, it’s not about the pictures, it’s about the emotion, about the longing, about the thrill. This movie is about taking a woman’s heart and completely disregarding its importance. It’s about manipulation, greed, and perversion. And it’s made to look attractive and “sensual.”

Women who voluntarily go see this movie (and/or read the books) have absolutely no right to tell a man to stop looking at pornography if they are willing to engage in this themselves.

What are you ladies saying to the men in your lives by accepting this movie and the books? What are you saying about yourselves by thinking that this is a proper form of entertainment? What are you saying to your little girls and your little boys (whom you’re hoping will, one day, become respectful young men) by having this garbage sitting around your home, by talking about the book and movie with praise and excitement?

You, dear woman, are opening the door to allow men to treat you the way that they want to treat you, while the whole time you are hoping that it will be a thrill that leads to love. You’re wrong. It doesn’t work that way.


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