The Demonization of America ← That’s a play on words

Newspaper Headline:

America Losing War to Demonic Enemy

Oppression3Of course, we’ll never see such a headline in the mainstream press. But, unbelievably, we’re not seeing or hearing that message from our Christian periodicals or websites either. Why is that? For most American Christians, the demonic realm (to include demonic oppression and possession) has been relegated as a “third-world” problem. That is if the American church is willing to believe in these things at all.

Mostly because of secular science, Americans “intellectualize” away the subject—the teachings— of demonism and Spiritual Warfare. How many of our mainline churches do the same? Unfortunately, I’d say the majority.

When was the last time your church congregation was provided with in-depth specifics about Satan and demons, about who they are and how they operate?

We’re up to our eyeballs in teachings about angelic beings (mostly counter-biblical), and we’re even told that we have authority to “dispatch” angels, which is also, from my study of the Word, anti-biblical. And not a single denomination should be left off the hook.

Even churches whose official doctrines actually specify a belief in the personhood of Satan and the demonic realm have dropped the ball by making teachings of their existence and interactions with humans a lesser focus in the church.

If we Christians, according to the Bible, “wrestle not against flesh and blood,” then we do, in fact, war with demonic spirits. How can we not talk about this subject? How can walking the Christian walk not include immersive teachings on battling in the spirit realm? How many people today are being severely impacted by withdrawing this biblical doctrine?

In my view, if hospital mental wards permitted the Gospel to be preached within their walls, those who eventually accept Christ would be on their way to psychological healing. Now, undoubtedly, some would have further situations to be dealt with spiritually and mentally, but at least in many cases demonic “ownership” would be put down in their lives. Afterward it would just be a matter of continued love and mentoring (discipleship) to help steady the person’s thought life. But, alas, to secularists, Christianity is more harmful than the schizophrenic episodes, the manic depression, and the suicidal tendencies experienced by many whom are institutionalized.

We Americans have become too “smart”—too “intellectual”—for our own good. The Word of God says about such people, “Professing themselves to be wise, they have become fools instead.” We need to stop attributing psychological and physiological answers to everything. There are many people with true mental illnesses, of course, but there are also a lot of people that have been assigned mental diagnoses, who really suffer from forms of spiritual anguish instead.

Another misperception needs to be cleared up when it comes to demonization; this about Christians who are influenced by demons: Christians cannot be possessed.

Believers can, however, be oppressed. There is a monumental difference.

Possessed people have not only relinquished self-control to a spirit(s), but in most cases do not have the ability to wrest control back on their own. And, it is very difficult for one who is possessed to become a Christian (a lot of work, love, prayer, and dedication are needed for this end result). But, praise God, after a person accepts Christ, he or she has the power and authority to renounce the enemy and can then be relieved of further oppression. There are many oppressed Christians under continual assault, with the demonic purpose being that of subterfuge; the decimation of Christians’ walks and witnesses.

America, we’ve got to get back into firm, foundational teachings about what we are dealing with in the spiritual realm. What we do not see with physical eyes—what we wrestle with, whether we want to believe in it or not—truly affects many aspects of our lives.

Christians, it’s time to serve the demonic realm notice. It’s time to declare war against those fallen spirits who are out to destroy our friends, families, acquaintances, and those we’ve not yet met.

Shout it loud and make it clear. “Enough! In the name of Jesus, your works are coming to an end!”

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