What is the Proper Response to Nationalized Gay Marriage in America?

GayAmerica_backgroundToday has been an interesting day in America. For me, I’ve had a lot of emotion rise to the fore, and I’ve had to look deep in order to sort them out and to determine whether any of them are worthy of expressing. One thing’s for sure, regardless of how I feel personally, a great divide is about to make itself known.

After the Supreme Court’s announcement today, that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states, there is very likely going to be an uproar.

Gays are going to begin—even more loudly—to proclaim hatred for those who are against the ruling. And there are going to be Christians—those not following the command of Christ to love—who are going to speak hatred toward homosexuals.

Hate toward another human being is WRONG, regardless of the direction it flies. Hate, according to Jesus, is the same as the sin of murder.

Sin. There’s the word that is quickly becoming more offensive than the “F-bomb.” But sin is not a word that can be changed. It is a fixed definition. It is a black spot on a soul. It is what God calls an act of disobedience to His standards of righteousness. The word sin was not created by human beings, therefore, it cannot be changed or eliminated either. It just is.

Another thing about the word sin… It is not something that can be used as an accusal against someone else, without the accuser also having to admit that he, himself, is accused by God of falling short of His righteousness. We are all offenders. However, there is no excuse for anyone to accept sinfulness as permitted behavior. After all, we were not created to be sinners; we were created to be the delight of God.

That said, Homosexuality, though now fully legal in just about all of its forms, is still sin. And this sin is about to encroach more fully on the lives of those who are against it, and will even rear its ugly head at many who have been ardent supporters of the cause. I believe that radical homosexuals are going to become more “in your face,” and there will be taunting. Taunting toward both opponents and those who are gay, yet not “loud and proud.” Many people who have counted today as a victory are going to become embarrassed by the sexual and hateful displays soon to come.

For Traditionalists, Conservatives, and Christians, speaking out against homosexual marriage (and homosexuality in general) is about to become dangerous. In America, it’s going to be considered hate speech for Christians to verbalize a biblical stance on the issue. Mark my words.

It breaks my heart that America has sanctioned another damaging cultural life choice. There is now no means for reversal. America has made yet another fundamental, detrimental course change. “We the people” are definitely going the way of Rome, repeating the mistakes of the past.

CHRISTIANS, we are called to love gay people, even though we are not called to tolerate sin. So there has to be a shift in many people’s mindsets about the stances they are going to take. We, in God’s Kingdom, must continue to love. We must continue to share the Gospel and allow the Holy Spirit to convict people of their life choices. REMEMBER THIS: Before a person becomes a Christian, he or she, like all of us before we came to know Christ, are merely sinners needing to know Jesus.

This is not really about homosexual marriage. This is about people knowing Jesus as their Savior and Lord. This is about letting all people know that ALL of us have the same default destination without Christ: Hell. Homosexuals are not going to Hell because they are same-sex attracted, they, like all of us, are headed to Hell because we are born into sin and are unable to keep from sinning. The ONLY cure for the spiritual death caused by our sin is Jesus. Jesus the lover of people, NOT Jesus hater of people because of their sins.

We must keep in perspective what it means to be a Christian. ALL of us still sin. ALL of us still battle desires that are contrary to God’s will. If not for Jesus, we’d be marching side-by-side with gays, abortionists, murders, adulterers, thieves, et al, heading to the same horrible final destination. Therefore, LOVE people. Have compassion. Share the love of Christ, not your disdain for people’s lifestyles.

While I’m not saying that we should not engage in debate about today’s decision by SCOTUS, we do need to remember that, ultimately, everything that we do should portray Jesus in the right light and draw people to Him.


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