Broken Sex, Broken Us

Broken SexEarlier today, I read an “article” called The Next Time Someone Uses the Bible to Say that Homosexuality is a Sin, Show Them This. It is a sarcastic jab at the Old Testament’s restrictions and permissions. The big problem is that it is completely without any context. It’s easy to make the Bible seem ridiculous if Scripture verses are used without frames of reference.

Sometimes I find myself just having to respond. It takes time to write up a decent response, because part of me wants to respond with the same level of sarcasm. Other times I just want to lash out and say, “You’re stupid and here’s why!” But, if I do that, I just show that I’m the stupid one.

Never are we, as Christians, called to lash out with a rant that is a put down. Even if we get angry that our beliefs are attacked or misrepresented, we’ve got to remember that “such were some of you,” as Paul said of the Christians he was teaching. Obviously, he was right.

Because I know that I come from the same brokenness—the same life of sin—as everyone else, I had to respond to this article with representative grace.

I nearly started off my response using the word “Liberal” to begin hacking away with my spiritual machete. But I knew in my spirit—thank You, Holy Spirit—that all I would be doing is pushing someone away who has a liberal view of living life. I needed to be a representative, not of “conservatism” or “the religious right,” but of God and His Word, not a jerk.

I know that the article is supposed to be sarcastic humor, but I also know that, ultimately, it’s a slam against the Bible and those who believe in it. Are we supposed to slam back?

No. I just wanted to have a say so that my beliefs could be heard. Just a carefully-worded response. Here it is:

Regarding the text in Leviticus (and the other Old Testament books referred to) it’s all about context. One must know more than the words of a verse of Scripture; one must know WHY things were written. Nothing in the post gives any reference to the whys.

But, even if things had been explained in detail, there is a REASON why there is now a NEW Testament. Not because God changed His mind on anything that was sin, but because HE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

He put into play a RESCUE for every one of us.

First thing’s first, though…
Virtually EVERYONE is broken sexually in some fashion, whether it’s lust, adultery, premarital sex, transgenderism, pornography, homosexuality, rape, dominance, etc. None of these are God’s design for sex. Sex was designed for two things…
1. Making babies (obviously)
2. The development of a special, on-going loving bond between husband and wife combined with pleasure, intimacy, and intensity

We have ALL violated God’s standards of what is right, EVEN IF IT HAS NOTHING to do wish sex.

This is WHY Jesus came to Earth: to be our Savior. And if we needed a savior, then that means we all need to be saved. but what does that mean, exactly … Saved?

The Bible says that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Imagine the Creator of the Universe loving us so much that He would come in the form of a man and go through a hellacious death process, spilling His blood, taking the guilt of every sin we will ever commit onto Himself. All because of an intense love for you and for me.

His death … if we accept Him as Savior and Lord … saves us from punishment after we die. Hell is everyone’s default destination, NOT BECAUSE we are gay or adulterers or drunks or haters, etc., but because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has a sin problem. We are ALL guilty of wanting our own way instead of God’s.

Christianity has NOTHING to do with hate. It has nothing to do with being “better than everyone else.” It has nothing to do with that demonically-led Westboro Baptist Church. It has nothing to do with judgmentalism. NO! It has EVERYTHING to do with God loving EVERY ONE OF US so much that He paid the price for our sins though Jesus.

And all it takes for ANYONE to be “saved”—to be rescued from a horrible after-death destination—is to let Jesus know that we want His gift of grace (forgiveness that we can’t do anything to earn on our own).

My life was radically changed by Jesus Christ. He accepted me as a broken, suicidal, witchcraft-practicing mess and gave me a new life filled with purpose and hope, peace and freedom. I am NOT perfect. I still do stupid stuff, but it’s all about the RELATIONSHIP with God and nothing about how “good” I can be to impress Him.

I hope that my words don’t come of as condemning, especially since I’m fully aware that I’m no better than you or anyone else. I just needed to respond. Thank you for that opportunity.


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