Can We Communicate with the Dead?

ouijaIt is a desire resident within all of us, to know what happens after we die. For any who slip from this existence into what we call death, there has got to be that moment in which we hope we are right about what we believe.

Even for atheists, there must that moment of not being sure, hoping that their existences will end after that final breath. For others, there is that hope that they will not be reincarnated into something incapable of human interaction, something small and insignificant. For the “spiritual,” the hope is that they will pass into Tir Na Nog, Nirvana, Heaven, or a version of a “cool” Hell.

Some people are less concerned with what’s going to happen with their own deaths, wanting to, instead, know what is happening with someone that they knew who has already died. Is the dearly departed finally happy? Healed? Is that person finally capable of forgiving? Is he or she stranded in a state of limbo until something is finally resolved in this world?

So many questions to be answered, and many people seek them out in ways that they might never have considered, let alone pursued, before, all because they have got to have some reassurances. Which leads me to this …

Today on Facebook, I came across the following meme:

After reading several of the emphatic responses in the affirmative, I felt a need to reply as well. Here is my explanation of why I had to state, “Absolutely not”:

Absolutely not.

Having been involved in the occult and now a researcher and writer about the occult, I can tell you emphatically that your loved ones cannot visit you or speak with you after death.

First, what we know about God, demons, death, and the afterlife is from information recorded over thousands of years and preserved through a compilation of books/letters that we can read and research today called the Bible. There are also writings, both old and recent, that can provide some additional details about the afterlife, but they do not, in any way, contradict what the Bible has to say on the subject.

Here is the deal (please be patient, as this may take a minute or two to explain): We humans had a beginning date to our existence. This beginning came as a result of a loving God wanting to have a creation that He loved that would love Him back. But prior to humans being created, God created those that exist with Him in the heavenly realm. They were (are) called angels. These beings are not (and have never been) little babies with wings or pretty females with perfect figures and flowing hair with wings. The Bible details angels to be fierce and fearsome creatures. Every time that a human being in Scripture had an encounter with one of these beings, he or she was terrified, and each time the angel had to tell that human to not be afraid, that he meant no harm.

Prior to God’s work of creation on Earth, there was an angel named Lucifer who was the greatest and most powerful of the angelic beings. His splendor and strength was unequaled. He was one of the race of angels called Archangels. This being (to make a long explanation short) became extremely prideful. He fostered rebellion, believing that God was not fair in his distribution of power and authority. Lucifer wanted to replace God with his own self-styled regime and convinced a full third of the angelic beings to follow his lead.

God did not tolerate this rebellion and cast Lucifer and his angelic followers out of Heaven. Lucifer was renamed Satan (Adversary) and his followers were renamed demons. (I’ll refer to this renamed cadre as the Enemy.)

OK, that said …

Because of God’s love for His creation (we humans), the Enemy has been doing all it can to deceive, kill, steal, and destroy, with a focus to keep us AWAY from a true relationship with God, the way that God wants that relationship.

The Enemy’s hate for you and me cannot be quantified, because we cannot contemplate true, absolute evil. But suffice it to say, there are no bounds when it comes to what the Enemy wants to do to destroy us. We see it all the time, every day, the killing, the hate, the perversions, the false religions, the sickness, the gossip, the jealousy, etc. etc. etc. The combination of the Enemy’s plan and our own greed (desire to please ourselves, irrespective of what it costs others and what it does to impact a relationship with our Creator) has disrupted, quite effectively, what God wanted for us: peace, love, purpose, and pure relationships (with Him and each other).

Part of the Enemy’s deception to keep us away from God is to lead us to believe that Heaven is real and Hell is not. Also, to believe that our loved ones who have “gone before” can relate to us comforting explanations about the afterlife. Things like, “It’s beautiful here. Peaceful. Don’t worry about me. I’m well. I’m waiting for you” without any need for knowing who Jesus is. These “loved ones” are contacted through mediums using various methodologies to communicate back and forth, like tarot cards, crystal balls, Ouija boards, channellers, etc.

If we can be made to believe that we’re having some sort of contact with our loved ones in the “great beyond,” then we will begin to believe their testimonies of what life is like in that next life.

BUT … It’s all deception. It’s a massive network of lies, a grand illusion to keep people from seeking out the truth of God (because we inherently, now, want to find our own satisfactory way of discovering “truth” and “reality”).

Demons impersonate those we love (or just knew) who have died. Let’s face it, our lives are being watched by these beings in the spirit realm. They know who we are, they know who our friends and relatives are. They know who our enemies (lower-case “e”) are. Using this information, they provide a counterfeit reality to try to persuade us that the Bible isn’t important, that we can create our own version(s) of who God is, and that we ultimately don’t need a relationship with Jesus in order to make it into Heaven.

It’s a game. It’s a game that the Enemy has created, with rules that they made up. Heck, they don’t even have to follow their own rules! They don’t NEED Ouija boards, for example, to communicate. But Ouija boards are mysterious and exciting. There is something about them that almost begs us to hope and believe that answers can be had through them. Same with tarot cards and channellers. But it’s all deception. It is the Enemy telling you what you will believe (both bad and good things about our lives and the lives of the departed).

The deceptions of the Enemy seem so very real, because they seem to surpass explanation. After all, if the being controlling the Ouija board or speaking through the channeller can give us details about our lives or those who have passed, that no one else knows, then that being must surely be “in the know” and most likely be someone that we actually knew. But it’s all a fabrication. It’s all a lie. And it’s ALL done to keep the one seeking answers from the TRUE Answer, who is Christ Jesus.

To those who say: “My medium believes in Jesus.” Or “I believe in Jesus, too,” I’ll say this …

The same Scripture that tells us who Jesus is and what He did to win us back to Himself through the Cross and Resurrection, makes it clear that the forces behind mediums, soothsayers, stargazers (horoscopes/Zodiac), etc. are evil; they are not to be sought or trusted.

Anyone can claim to be aligned with Jesus, but Jesus, Himself, said that on the day of final judgment of all who have lived, there will be many who will say, “But Lord, we did many signs in your name. We even cast out demons!” But the Lord will say, “Depart from me, you workers of evil, I never knew you.”

… And it will break God’s heart, because each individual who has ever lived was intentioned by God to exist so that he/she would have forever relationships with Him. His love, though, would not force anyone to have a relationship with Him. We must want Him as much as He wants us. It’s a shame that so many people will never seek Him with all of their hearts.



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